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GC CFA Cheetara's Sardis, CH CFA Uffizi's Simonetta of Lakshmina

The LAKSHMINA cattery was founded in 2003 when we got Cheetara's Sardis, a ruddy Abyssinian male and Ufizzi's Simonetta of Lakshmina, a ruddy Abyssinian female.

I felt this adoration for Abyssinians a year before that with Tabiti's Chanterelle (Shanti), red Abyssinian female having appeared in our house. Thanks to Olga Terpilovskaya and Nika Tyrdanova for that very special girl. Having fallen in love with Shanti I wished to get another Abyssinian and I turned to American breeders.

I was really happy to get an answer from Susan Baker, the owner of the Cheetara cattery in Texas. I feel endless gratitude to Susan for my Cheetara's Sardis, ruddy Abyssinian male. I very much appreciate Susan's trust and friendship and her arranging Sardis's shipment to Russia which was not easy at all. I am very grateful to Susan for her answers to my questions I am still asking.

Susan also helped me get an Abyssinian female for my cattery. Starr Mahoney with the Uffizi cattery in Missouri was so nice to agree to sell a girl to me. So Simonetta came to our house just two months after Sardis arrived.

Many thanks to all who helped me in founding this cattery: Olga Terpilovskaya as a translator, Yury Naumov and Vadim Lyapin for shipping cats from the USA and all the American breeders I have been in correspondence with. Special thanks to my family - my husband and son who share my love to felines and support my cattery.

The LAKSHMINA cattery is CFA registered in 2003.

If you have any questions on the breed profile or cat treatment and care, feel free to contact me on

Sincerely yours

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